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the opponent may constantly try to take advantage of your tendency toward smoothing/accommodating.

test and how being an efficient manager using competing and collaborating styles can improve your conflict management skills.

One tool that’s been developed is the Thomas-Killman Instrument (TKI).

This is Part Two of a multi-part series that focuses on conflict in the workplace.

Part One detailed the causes of conflict in health care, explored the hidden costs of conflict, and explained the three stages of the conflict model. Nursing managers spend between 25 and 40 percent of their time dealing with conflict, according to various surveys and estimates.

– Gandhi Out of habit, most of us rely on one or two approaches to handling conflict because of the way we were raised, our job responsibilities, past experiences, or even cultural norms.

And, because we are more comfortable with some modes more than others, it is easy to overuse or underuse them and as a result create unintended consequences.

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Choosing the correct style can also affect the process it takes to get there in either a positive or negative manner, which can affect relationships and business associations along the way as well as team and employee morale.