Dating men with six figure income

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All my education and travel were fully paid with scholarships, so I guess that means something.But I wasn’t climbing any corporate ladders and adding zeros to my salary year after year during my 20s, like most women my age were doing, so I find myself financially incompatible.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I marry ze one with ze money and put it in my bank account. I now find myself in another decently-senior position in a Fortune 500 company, writing this blog, sitting on important non-profit committees and attending high-profile parties in between.So to be clear, I'm not someone who is looking for a meal ticket, I'm looking for my equal.

The framing of this article had me immediately going in with a slight side eye. Here’s an excerpt: I only began working full time in my 30s; I spent all of my 20s traveling around Eastern Europe—mainly through Peace Corps, Fulbright and language study-abroad programs—and earning degrees.I consider myself a very late bloomer who has just recently realized I can make a living keystroking breaking-news stories and Brooklyn Renaissance-ing my way into a literary career.As intellectually fruitful as my 20s were, my worldly and academic sojourns did little for my bank account.I’m a senior editor at a website—not an entry-level money earner, but I’m not making six figures, either, so I’m pretty much out of their league with regard to dating.Of course, I’m acutely aware of the fact that many black women have “dated and married down” economically, but I surmise they’ve grown weary of doing so.

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How could I not comment on this article from the weekend's Style section in the New York Times: Putting Money on the Table I've told a few stories here about female friends of mine who were dating men who made less money.

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