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Updating group policy on windows 2016

Its June update was meant to close security loopholes.)On July 5, Microsoft officials posted a detailed blog post to the Microsoft "Ask Premier Field Engineering Platforms" blog about the issue, entitled "Who broke my user GPOs? Microsoft patch MS 16-072 (also known as KB 3163622), released June 14 for older versions of Windows, Windows Server, and Windows 10/Server 2016, was the source of the issue.The patch was meant to block possible man-in-the-middle attacks between the PC and the domain computer (DC). Windows Defender is malware protection that immediately and actively protects Windows Server 2016 against known malware and can regularly update antimalware definitions through Windows Update.This topic includes information important for running Windows Defender on a server platform.I am preparing to launch our Windows 10 Virtual Desktops and needed to update the Group Policy Definitions to the Windows 10 and Server 2016 versions.After copying the new ADML and ADMX files to the central store and giving a few minutes for replication to take place, I received an error whenever I opened an existing GPO.To install Windows Defender, start a Windows Power Shell console as an administrator, and run the following command: To disable Windows Defender, you must uninstall it by using the Remove Roles and Features Wizard or by using the Uninstall-Windows Feature cmdlet.To uninstall Windows Defender, start a Windows Power Shell console as an administrator, and run the following command: .

But yesterday's Ask PFE post goes into a lot more granular detail about why things broke and the options admins have to fix them.

For example, the first time you log on after installation is complete, you will be prompted to change the Administrator password.

If you fail to do this within two minutes or click Cancel, the computer might appear to be unresponsive.

You can manage Windows Defender by using WMI, Windows Power Shell, or by using Group Policy.

If the user interface is not installed, use Add Roles and Features Wizard, or the Install-Windows Feature cmdlet.

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Microsoft basically blamed affected users for the issue, which, as one might expect, went over like a lead balloon.